Fascism, the Police and Your Camera Phone

I constantly write about how we are becoming a Fascist police state.  Nowadays, however, words like those are just cam_phonewords.  We’ve heard them tossed loosely around so much they really don’t have any meaning.  What is a “fascist state”.  What  do I mean by “police state”?

The simplest definition for either involves one key idea.  In our Constitutional Republic, the general theme has always been that the state exists to serve the individual.  That’s why we have traditionally thought about things in a way that gives the individual the benefit of the doubt.  This same theme limits and works against government’s power.

We see this theme in concepts like “innocent until proven guilty”.  “Beyond a shadow of reasonable doubt”. Following this train of thought, police officers used to be thought of as  “peace officers” who were there to serve and protect.

However, in a Fascist society, the basic concepts are the exact opposite of what ours used to be.  Instead of the state existing solely to serve the individual, the underlying assumption is that the individual exists only to serve the state.

The logical conclusion is the State (government) is all important, the individual is nothing.  Furthermore, all of the people who directly work for the state are viewed as having increased importance and power over  lowly citizens.  This is especially true of soldiers and police, who are the business end of the state.

Realize that all governments seek to monopolize force within a given piece of real estate.  Governments only have one thing that allows them to “rule” over a given land:  they can use physical force and coercion to make citizens obey their will– or in other words, their laws.

Cops and soldiers are the physical manifestation of the State’s power to use physical force against you.  That’s why in a fascist society, they both take on super hero status.

Think about how often we hear cops and soldiers referred to as “heroes”.  We are told to “support the troops” (which means support whichever armed conflict the government is involved in).   Essentially, if you view someone as a hero, then on a deep, psychological level, you think that whomever they are opposed to is  “the villain”.

The catch is, in a Fascist society, the villain is and can be anyone who doesn’t toe the State’s line.

On the street level, anyone who doesn’t immediately jump and grovel when a cop or soldier comes around is the villain.  Even if they have done nothing wrong.  Even if the cop is in the wrong.

Keeping all those things in mind, watch the this video.  Perhaps your jaw will drop as low as did mine.   The Oklahoma State Trooper actually thinks he can pull over an ambulance, with a patient in the back, because they didn’t get out of his way fast enough.  He actually starts choking the EMT who’s trying to care for the patient.  Ask yourself, “who in the hell does this cop think he is?”  Better yet, ask yourself if you feel safe with people like him on the streets.  Ask yourself why the Oklahoma State Trooper’s office is backing him up.  Could it be that he is not doing anything wrong in the eyes of his boss, which is, ultimately the government.

Then, reflect that this must indeed be true: cops and soldiers who behave badly or criminally usually don’t get punished becase their boss, the government, approves of what they are doing.  Former President Bush and his administration allowed and encouraged government agents to use torture against people who usually didn’t even have a specific charge levied against them.

President Obama, who’s supposed to represent change, refused to punish anyone involed in torture, rape and sodomy under the Bush regime.  Then, he took it one step further and said that he supports “preemptive detention”. In plain terms, Mr. Obama thinks he and his minions have the right to lock you up for no reason, and for as long as they want.

Remember, in this new fascist system, the individual exists only to serve the state.   Think about what it really means when President Obama says all our medical details must be put in databases so the state can manage our health care.  Think carefully about what Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi really means when she says every aspect of our lives must be “inventoried”.

Think about all of those things real hard the next time you hear about Change.

By the way, this is  not a hopeless situation.  The video posted above illustrates one of our most effective weapons:  Video Cameras.  Almost everyone has one on their phone.  The more we film incidents like this, the more the government is discredited.  The more they are discredited, the more power they lose.

Even though the state appears to be all powerful, it still relies on OUR CONSENT to wield that power.

With enough videos floating around, that consent will eventually be withdrawn.


  1. News From The World! » Fascism, the Police and Your Camera Phone Said,

    May 31, 2009 @ 7:50 pm

    [...] Go here to see the original: Fascism, the Police and Your Camera Phone [...]

  2. MAD Said,

    May 31, 2009 @ 11:45 pm

    WTF was the Trooper thinking? Adam one-12, Adam one-12 I have a speeding vehicle who is refusing to pull over. Should I shoot the tires and choke someone? Over. Are there any minorities suspects? Over. 10-4 over. Proceed. Over. I’m about to kick an EMT’s ass. Hee Haww!

  3. Tarius Said,

    June 3, 2009 @ 9:24 pm

    Man! What in the hell is that? You can’t be serious. If they can get away with choking an EMT, while in route to the hospital with a patient with no regard to the ailing passenger or respect for the ambulance personnel and a real emergency what about us? I will go one step further what if the EMTs were both black? Would this video have made it to youtube? I feel it is disturbing regardless of race but I must ask the question. I find it even more appalling that nothing is being done about this incident. I do support you that we can assist in ending this kind of behavior by exposing these actions with camera phones and cameras. We must be just as vigilant as BIG BROTHER. I think the blame can be placed on the government but we must shed light on this subject and force our citizens to speak up. I believe we all have the right to bear arms and we all should defend that right. We lost sight of why these rights were extended to the citizens. We must speak up not as radicals and anticonformists but as everyday citizens. One only needs to read the Constitution or the thoughts of those who created it to gain a true sense our inalienale rights. They knew power was corruptable and the more power a king or government had the more rights and liberties they would take from those whom they serve. That is why they emphasized if the government infringed upon these rights, it is our duty to change that government. I am paraphrasing of course but you get my point. I feel 90% of americans support the right to bear arms but most watch the 6 o’clock news and all they see are drug dealers, militia men, or foreigners shooting automatic assault weapons. The reporters framing the story of why guns are bad and why we must get guns out off the streets. We rarely see stories of people that look just like us, law biding, tax paying, and loyal citizens defending our families, properties, or neighbors. We must paint the picture of the everyday citizen demanding “common sense” to be applied. I believe in a strong military to defend our people; but before all of that, I believe in my God given right to protect myself and my family.

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